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Authorization API for your application

Identity and Access Management API (IAM) that solves all your authorization use cases, so you don’t have to. With it, you can build web apps, SaaS products, or multi-tenant applications that are secure and GDPR compliant from day 1.

Standup & Prosper

Async standups for your remote team

Slack bot that manages your daily standup meetings. It is a truly asynchronous solution that helps distributed or remote teams stay on the same page.

Consulting services

We’re great at solving problems at the cross section between people and technology. We have a lot of experience building successful product teams, scaling up people and software, and setting up remote, cross-cultural collaboration.


  • Leadership development, succession planning, employee growth
  • Transition to remote work, remote people management
  • Lean software development, agile transformations
  • Building effective software teams without breaking the bank


  • Microservice architecture and design
  • DevSecOps, infrastructure audits, infrastructure cost saving
  • Transition to serverless architecture
  • CTO for hire
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